Kadai paneer

From the so called chef by myself was so eager and tempted to taste a paneer sabji which my hub friend wife made 🤤

whenever I feel hungry I use to think of the yummiest dishes I had at recent past and Derik over the taste and aroma in my mind😇 after I am a lazy goose to brush my seat.

i bought my paneer pack on my last vegetable shopping and had time only today to use t before t get wasted.. a quick jump to recipe if u r planning for a dinner with paneer in hand👐🏻



butter a generous cut

onion 2

Tomato 2

green chilly 2

jeera 1/2 tsp

ginder 1/2 inch

garlic 5 pods

freshcream 1 tsp

turnmeric,red chilly powder, Garam Masala, coriander powder 1/2 tsp

salt as per taste

. Add butter to wok and let jeera to crackle

.grind ginger and garlic along with onions purée the tomato and add them once the onion turns color.


.add in the spice powder and adjust salt allow t to boil for few minutes

.before switching off add diced paneer with Kasthuri methi and a two of curd ..


tadaaa lip smacking dish s ready at ur bowl


Random musings

Other day we were getting ready to park where I switched on lights of god and said a quick prayer roaming around the house to clean and pack snacks for musta..

this sleepy head walked all the way out of room and said to me “Amma nan ummachi kapathu pannaporan wait” ( wait mom I am gonna do my prayers)


i was busy that I literally brushed her words and was walking near door and soon I freezed and turned around to see the braT standing  close enough to god (so the prayers are heard 🙂🙃) and was singing

baba black sheep how you any wool

yes sir yes sir 3 bags full

one for master one for nananana

one for ennaku

and she s on floor to get blessings from god 🤭🤔🤫


darn I forget to tape it🤕

Dosai Amma dosai

It was a random evening in our home when suddenly musta started to sing dosai Amma dosai and I was all ears and nodding head for her kiddish slang and was floored when I hear the last line 😀 here goes her version

dosai Amma dosai

Amma Dutta dosaaaai

arisi mavum olanthan mavum Kanthu sutta  dosai

Amma vukku 1 Appa virku 1 musta ku 1

thinna thinna asai

thiruppi ketta tharamatangga 😳🤯😅😂🤣 😀 😀


I had a heartfelt laugh on hearing this and I requested her to repeat to wonder how on earth these kids change on lyrics 🙂 wherein my age i  vomit wat I was taught by then🤣🤓😎


Month of celebration to Vishnu also known as danur masam it’s a month of celebrations in South India with Carnatic music and Bajans .. u should walk in the streets of mailai alias mylapore to check out the beautiful kolams of mamis which they painstakingly put everyday with loads of color… They occupy the full road and stretch their thought process and talents on the kolams and every stranger who passes through them stomping will be cursed 😀 of course he walked passed on the kolams in a jiffy which that beautiful mami drawn for hour time 😀


It is said that earth is close to ozone layer in this month for a time span of Dec 16 to Jan 13 early morning before sunrise all 30 days of this Marzhaghi month. Breathing the air in the early morning is good for health. That is why men are asked to do Bhajans in the street and women to draw kollams in the street early morning before sunrise. Every one should visit temples in the early morning. Our Tamil culture’s rituals are centered in the human beings health.

To follow the tradition and to inculcate the habit in my imp mind I do draw small kolams with color for all 30 days just to ensure our tradition doesn’t get missed out in this modern era… Hushoo helped me on day 1 of the kolam to fill colours and rest other day he helped me taking care of imp as she s putting tantrums to draw with us… Oh she keeps spilling the color and demands to fill her cup within a minute time 😐

My mil used to put kolams like this seems so follow the flow I am continunig for the brat.. hope she does enjoy practising the same in her future years.

Here are my kirukals 🙂 which I call it as kolams 😀 these are nothing when compared to those mailai mamis…. I bow in front of them 😮




IMG_20181215_234328108~2IMG_20181216_230439572IMG_20181218_084626815 so there t goes from day 1 to day 3 and let’s see how t goes for the upcoming wwwks

The men mentality

H often questions me only when I am tired and I cannot move a bit.. usually this happens twice in a month ..

Y u are not cleaning home.. H I am tired pls don’t question me. I all clean the same latter

The brat comes out of room or from some plays and says appaaaa… Y r u messing with the toys.. pls clean things you are messing a lot… I again have to intervene buddy I am tired pls don’t ask her anything.

H enters kitchen y this stove is so sticky.. y don’t wipe and keep them clean. That’s t. All my tired went up in jiffy and do all the pending work in a super Dooper fast and give a stare at H…

This guy I say … See you have clean all this so fast and you say t takes time and u don’t have time on this world bla bla…. This men at times behave as men you see 😦

The brat

You read the title right… I have given birth to a tiny crazy brat who often annoys me with questions..

Yesterday I was folding my pile of laundry that’s when the lil imp of mine intruded me pointing to

1. H inner garments and told amma… Appa diaper ..

2. Amma diaper kannum(it’s not there)

3. Imp jetti enga pochu ( where s my inner ware)

4. Amma pls change my clothes I will take bag and shop for veggies and come.

What and all you LL buy for amma kanna….she replied counting with her tiny hands

Broccoli, orange,apple,pear,tomato,again apple,again 🍅 will get all.

She sat on her scooter with her back pack and said amma bye .. just to come back without even moving a bit with her scooter , amma I am back…

Nee enga ma ponna thirumbi varathukku (u didn’t even move a bit and here she a there to say I have come back)

From where to where

I remember my childhood with variety of glass bottles from all the manufacturers.. be t a pickle to energy malt everything will be glass.. my mom use to store all her daily kitchen needs in them and a new empty glass bottle is like a new toy to her thinking wat can he stored in this.. I specially love the sunrise glass bottles they all be lovely according to the quantity u all get the cutest bottles…

At one point of life mom use to take her lunch in these bottles.. a bottle for rasam,sambar,curd and a bowl of rice with a little plate to keep veggies.. ah!The taste of these food… I miss them…

Slowly transition took place, Anna changed the glass bottles to plastic dabbas as all the manufacturer are slowly changing their stock modules from glass to carton box…

We still used this to throw our trashes and to make some crafts and wat not.. again the transition took place, mighty plastic bottles came in.. with a note please discard them after usage… It was spectical and we worried, mom had no heart and her generosity mDe her use those boxes as well till the color turns and pleading amma to throw them..

Years pass on, stainless steel dabba racks were replaced with plastic one and when we look out for lunch box the shop Walla look us up and down, we moved on with society. Getting hi5 dabbas from Tupperware and alike. Mom get a bomb attack on hearing the product… The invention of steel scrubber brougt a nasty look on the face of these boxes, the life style of box change but the scrubbing style of amma never does.

We bought and throwed and the cycle followed now we it has dawned on our head that stop using plastic.. every one s going gaggaagga about t. Oh my god, environment,safety,nature, FB post, groups like I need to change this that.. all are running, I wonder only when a whale dies with so much pound of plastic we get so aware that we should stop.. did we learn to stop buying covers even when they charged..

These long days we were like oh 5 rupees, this much big cover, profit yaar, could use for garbage disposal or to put baby dress for homage, how many of you have used t again and again till the ears torn by multiple usage …. Those beautiful yellow bag which once was overlooked is not trending … The bag with too many pockets is gaining so much likes, I request, old don’t go gahgaaga about everything.. use wat we have at home. Carry a cloth bag.. not all the plastics are banned.. buy logically and throw them the same..

Look out for the below image and act accordingly before you buy.. use wat your ancestor use, not only their clothes and hairstyle are trending even their life style.. if some one does t that doesnt mean we need to follow.. follow wat u have taught and learn which can be applicable..

It’s a pink

On fifteenth of November I went for my last gynec visit with a hope of knowing the result.. since the lil bundle is so so quiet and doc decided to give a artificial pain Inducer… We got back home.. with mil in tow there were lots of confusion as in to which home I should go.. somehow I was determined to go to my mom place,yet mil bombered  Me with so many it’s but my husband being my husband somehow sensed my mind asked me to go to my mom place…


We came home packed the baby dresses and other necessities.. packed my husband bag took snacks for him to kill his time at hospital and all his essential just to ensure he don’t get bugged off. I waited for him to come home in eve with no advancement in pain.

I cleaned the home to check any extra pressure can bring pain.. but failed.. around six H was at home and we went for a walk.. still no advancement.. we went to temple ate my favourite masal poori from road side shop as I had a strong craving for t since last three weeks.. yet no response from the insider.. around nine I slightly felt a pain in my lower back and decided to finish of my dinner and went to my aunt place to sleep.


Around 10.58 I felt a balloon burst kind of thing in my abdomen.. we checked with my aunt and she confirmed it as a water break and asked us to rush to hospital.. we have to travel 18 kms to hospital and I could see a nail biting mom and mil at back seat where in I was too way cool to see how much I can tolerate with. H and I talked about everything on our ride back and heard our favourite songs just to reach the hospital by 00.00 hours sharp.

While H was filing our information I patiently stood next to him with pain and waited for him to accompany me to labour room . Every one asked me to go to room first to check on my status and with no go I started to walk toward the lift.. H being H came running completing the formalities even before myself reaching lift.


We waited in the room with a positive note biting my teeth with pain for five hours just to know the baby is not advancing as there s no more water available for breathing. With no hopes they wanted to go for a c- section which made every one to go sad..

I was not sure how I gained so much confidence and all through this I was fully smiling and was confident enough toface anything coming up in my way. The ddoctr’s were quiet shocked to see me smiling in such a phase and I was actively counting  numbers with the helpers when they switch to beds..

I was given shot in spine .. could feel the cut.. can see the blood gushing through the lights that was on top and I just closed my eyes not to see further  .. the doc announced its a healthy baby and all through the shot I asked her what baby it s and she said it’s a pink and there was a loud cry with a happy tears on my eyes..


Behind the screen husband dressed up and came to op theatre just to give me some smiles to look at him in such a attire 😀 I have informed him earlier that he may be given a chance to cut the u.bilical cord and as per our expectations he was offered the chance and he accepted t without second thoughts..

H won the bet as he was so stubborn that t ll b a girl for us. They showed the baby to me .. all I could see waslil H disguised as a small girl baby 😀

I mocked at him , congrajulated him  and all laughed at us for behaving silly. There we were with the lil bundle of joy looking like a melon weighin  3.11 kg as expected by her mother..





Being an pregnanent

Life had both high and low moments after conceiving. I wonder what is the mentality Indian elders have.

A girl is all set for free and being all the way she wants to be before pregnant! When the first doctor visit happens things turn Topsy-turvy! Every other individual comes up with a new ideas, myths, pattern to live, dress up and what not.

All the pajamas turns to Night gowns. All the Kurtis needed a Dupatta or a scarf to cover. The entire women society eyes the tummy and ask how are you! is that how are you is for me or for the person who is resting inside?? That will be a different post all together.

In my view! Every women need to be treated the same after her pregnancy! She should not be over flooded with information rather providing her support at the time of need! An extra love from mother in law rather saying this may come! You should not do this not that! To any Women living in a joint family and is expecting I wil tell you only one thing.. its you baby and you. Do what you guys want! stay safe and eat well, sleep untill you feel fresh and don’t listen to any gossips or old wives tale. No pregnancy is same! every one has there own story! every one were novice! No body is perfect, the elders know how to guide and be supportive, they would have forgot the entire way how they brought up their kids…


I didn’t have proper sleep in week days.. It will be a mad rush! we fought for dressing up, not to wear this wear that… Get a proper salwar.. this and that…all my husband wants to do is fight… A girl physic changes I agree but need to wear a dupatta at home in the indian hot summer that too while you are sitting at home is not a cup of my tea. We have fought with our MIL on this! When i can’t be free in front of my home people how will I feel the comfort in the society! Who ever be it! whether it is a MIL, SIL, FIL or BIL a women needs comfort at her pregnancy. I am fortunate enough to have my husband to be rebel on this thing and being supportive!

I wonder what the world will think if I wear a normal kurta inside my family and what  harm does it makes to be in pajamas than wearing the night gowns! Extended family talks is something which will prickle you than anything in this world. I didn’t let my  daughter to do this, she wear this, she ate that! Halo stop! if you turn back the page and ask her she will tell you how petrified and pressurized she would have been in that age.

My doc is such a cool lady! I wish every one gets a doc like her rather scaring a new mommy! I wish I should bring up my kid like her! breaking rules at the age of 50+ and giving positive spirit among the free gynas!! Eat wat you like is wat she first thought me! you are all fine don’t panic! you are healthy continue the same way! Do exercise! don’t over feed! Which gave me all the feel to be free from worries and I am being rebel to whom ever comes and say aaaaa and ooo’s.. Only word that rings in my head all the time is be careful which is making me feel comfort till this phase of 7 months.

Some time in my life When I become a grand mom or great grand mom all I want to teach my offsprings is be yourself and enjoy the phase of pregnancy! Sleep when you feel sleepy, Go for a walk! stop cooking some one will do for you! listen to songs! be happy and you should think and do what is good for the baby and mom.

I just want to be a supportive guidance to them and not be like any other women telling Old Wive Tales.