It’s a pink

On fifteenth of November I went for my last gynec visit with a hope of knowing the result.. since the lil bundle is so so quiet and doc decided to give a artificial pain Inducer… We got back home.. with mil in tow there were lots of confusion as in to which home I should go.. somehow I was determined to go to my mom place,yet mil bombered  Me with so many it’s but my husband being my husband somehow sensed my mind asked me to go to my mom place…


We came home packed the baby dresses and other necessities.. packed my husband bag took snacks for him to kill his time at hospital and all his essential just to ensure he don’t get bugged off. I waited for him to come home in eve with no advancement in pain.

I cleaned the home to check any extra pressure can bring pain.. but failed.. around six H was at home and we went for a walk.. still no advancement.. we went to temple ate my favourite masal poori from road side shop as I had a strong craving for t since last three weeks.. yet no response from the insider.. around nine I slightly felt a pain in my lower back and decided to finish of my dinner and went to my aunt place to sleep.


Around 10.58 I felt a balloon burst kind of thing in my abdomen.. we checked with my aunt and she confirmed it as a water break and asked us to rush to hospital.. we have to travel 18 kms to hospital and I could see a nail biting mom and mil at back seat where in I was too way cool to see how much I can tolerate with. H and I talked about everything on our ride back and heard our favourite songs just to reach the hospital by 00.00 hours sharp.

While H was filing our information I patiently stood next to him with pain and waited for him to accompany me to labour room . Every one asked me to go to room first to check on my status and with no go I started to walk toward the lift.. H being H came running completing the formalities even before myself reaching lift.


We waited in the room with a positive note biting my teeth with pain for five hours just to know the baby is not advancing as there s no more water available for breathing. With no hopes they wanted to go for a c- section which made every one to go sad..

I was not sure how I gained so much confidence and all through this I was fully smiling and was confident enough toface anything coming up in my way. The ddoctr’s were quiet shocked to see me smiling in such a phase and I was actively counting  numbers with the helpers when they switch to beds..

I was given shot in spine .. could feel the cut.. can see the blood gushing through the lights that was on top and I just closed my eyes not to see further  .. the doc announced its a healthy baby and all through the shot I asked her what baby it s and she said it’s a pink and there was a loud cry with a happy tears on my eyes..


Behind the screen husband dressed up and came to op theatre just to give me some smiles to look at him in such a attire 😀 I have informed him earlier that he may be given a chance to cut the u.bilical cord and as per our expectations he was offered the chance and he accepted t without second thoughts..

H won the bet as he was so stubborn that t ll b a girl for us. They showed the baby to me .. all I could see waslil H disguised as a small girl baby 😀

I mocked at him , congrajulated him  and all laughed at us for behaving silly. There we were with the lil bundle of joy looking like a melon weighin  3.11 kg as expected by her mother..






Being an pregnanent

Life had both high and low moments after conceiving. I wonder what is the mentality Indian elders have.

A girl is all set for free and being all the way she wants to be before pregnant! When the first doctor visit happens things turn Topsy-turvy! Every other individual comes up with a new ideas, myths, pattern to live, dress up and what not.

All the pajamas turns to Night gowns. All the Kurtis needed a Dupatta or a scarf to cover. The entire women society eyes the tummy and ask how are you! is that how are you is for me or for the person who is resting inside?? That will be a different post all together.

In my view! Every women need to be treated the same after her pregnancy! She should not be over flooded with information rather providing her support at the time of need! An extra love from mother in law rather saying this may come! You should not do this not that! To any Women living in a joint family and is expecting I wil tell you only one thing.. its you baby and you. Do what you guys want! stay safe and eat well, sleep untill you feel fresh and don’t listen to any gossips or old wives tale. No pregnancy is same! every one has there own story! every one were novice! No body is perfect, the elders know how to guide and be supportive, they would have forgot the entire way how they brought up their kids…


I didn’t have proper sleep in week days.. It will be a mad rush! we fought for dressing up, not to wear this wear that… Get a proper salwar.. this and that…all my husband wants to do is fight… A girl physic changes I agree but need to wear a dupatta at home in the indian hot summer that too while you are sitting at home is not a cup of my tea. We have fought with our MIL on this! When i can’t be free in front of my home people how will I feel the comfort in the society! Who ever be it! whether it is a MIL, SIL, FIL or BIL a women needs comfort at her pregnancy. I am fortunate enough to have my husband to be rebel on this thing and being supportive!

I wonder what the world will think if I wear a normal kurta inside my family and what  harm does it makes to be in pajamas than wearing the night gowns! Extended family talks is something which will prickle you than anything in this world. I didn’t let my  daughter to do this, she wear this, she ate that! Halo stop! if you turn back the page and ask her she will tell you how petrified and pressurized she would have been in that age.

My doc is such a cool lady! I wish every one gets a doc like her rather scaring a new mommy! I wish I should bring up my kid like her! breaking rules at the age of 50+ and giving positive spirit among the free gynas!! Eat wat you like is wat she first thought me! you are all fine don’t panic! you are healthy continue the same way! Do exercise! don’t over feed! Which gave me all the feel to be free from worries and I am being rebel to whom ever comes and say aaaaa and ooo’s.. Only word that rings in my head all the time is be careful which is making me feel comfort till this phase of 7 months.

Some time in my life When I become a grand mom or great grand mom all I want to teach my offsprings is be yourself and enjoy the phase of pregnancy! Sleep when you feel sleepy, Go for a walk! stop cooking some one will do for you! listen to songs! be happy and you should think and do what is good for the baby and mom.

I just want to be a supportive guidance to them and not be like any other women telling Old Wive Tales.

A New Entry

There is some one who is growing steadily and happily inside me… Though I couldn’t do much of a justice to our little bundle of joy by talking to my tummy or hearing songs, But still we love you beyond limits and we are going to be one liliput family 😀

As of now we have nicked up calling him as mustard, as I love the mustard seeds a lot..

Hubby and FIL wants a baby girl and rest other in the family wants a baby boy..

Lets see whom you are musty 🙂

Standing as Dumb

That stupid A** hole.. Who made me to bite my teeth like no other day, felt like slapping him harsh on his face for the stupid words he spoke out loud in a bus fully loaded with ladies and this gentle man who was fully boozed  and speaks as if this entire wide world is all his, when he was just asked to give a way so that a women can go inside.

The words he spoke was really rubbish and speaks as if he wants all the women to be killed who speaks against a men! bloody with him and his character, I wish why his mom gave birth to him. Having seen all this feels like where india is heading to..

I wish the mentality of these authoritative Mens changes and consider a peacefully living.

Some day India will be like USA or any other country for that matter. Waiting for that D day…

Corn sabji

Its been a long time 🙂 a really long indeed.. We happened to have all time in the whole wide world this weekend and cooking was like a huge task for us… As we don’t want to miss the time of being together..

We planned to cook really simple and ended by amking corn sabji in two variations and licked it as if there was not even a single trace of sabji in the bowl..

I made it in two variation.

Variation 1:

1 Cup Corn boiled or micro oven

1/2 cup onions

1/2 cup tomato

1/2 cup capsicum

To Temper

1/2 jeera (was used by me)

1 green chilly (to make it extra spicy)

If you want masala flavour add the following

1 spoon ginger garlic paste


1/2 spoon turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilly powder, garam masala powder

Step to follow:


  1. Add oil to the pan and jeera to it followed by finely chopped green chilies.
  2. Add the onions and fry it to the consistency you would like to have( I like my onions crunchy, so i do a half fry)
  3. Once the onions are fried, add the tomato and fry again until it turn mushy.
  4. In this stage add all the powders mentioned above except garam masala and stir for 2 min.
  5. Now add the capsicum and little water so that they boil and cook together, don’t forget to stir occasionally.
  6. Finally add the garam masala and fry for a minute.
  7. Chop some fresh coriander leaves before turning off the flame.
  8. To add some south Indian taste to the sabji you can add some sambar powder which will also be surely nice


Variation 2:


Every thing remains the same, instead of adding the chopped tomato you can add tomato puree if the sabji need to be in a gravy form.

Enjoyed the heart out of it with hot rotis

Is that an end of 2015

I don’t feel the end or enthu for the year end. It doesn’t look like an year end nor look like a fresh year is going to bloom.

It’s my work that make me to feel so. Not even a single day holiday on the new year eve 🙂 the same team lunch, no party and nothing. To add a cherry on top all the fellow member in the family are in leave and i alone need to run to oppicee 😦

I wish i have a challenging and happy 2016 🙂 with lots of trip and more happiness 🙂 Lets see how it comes 🙂 Any one share the same story of going to office on new year 🙂 if yes bigg cheers 😦  🙂 :@ 😀 (that’s a mixed emotions )

2015 in reverse

This year brought too many fun and too too many panic modes. But still this year is special to me and i consider this one as one of the best year and eagerly counting the days to welcome the brand new 2016 🙂

So here goes my months in gist

Jan- best ever moment of holding my man’s hand once and for all.. The year 2014 has tossed up like anything and with the new addition and closeness we started the year with all geared up and happiness. We went in for bangkok and Phuket  which was one memorable trip and afresh till date such that i can turn the photo pages as fresh as i can and still never bored of seeing the young WE 🙂 The time spent on the initial days of marriage will never be back as every one gives us space to enjoy and how many trip we make in future, this trip stands out of the box.

Feb- The love of my life celebrated birthday , enjoyed like hell with hushoo family, late night movies, outing, dinner and what not

Mar- fallen sick with three weeks and the month rolled by

April- Phew!! down with chicken pox and the month rolled by gaining my energy and recovering.

May, June, July- I didn’t know what really happened to every one in my family! one way or other there was a chaos and fight happening then and there. Lot of misunderstanding and one month which i don’t want to turn and see at any time in my life

August- Hushoo and myself started to be alone for some time until my SIL gives birth to her second baby.. Life was like a shuttle between two homes. No time for our-self just laughing and enjoying was there when ever time permits. When the time was available to enjoy to the core, I did break my hand by falling from the bike

Sept- Recovery period for the hand and mind. We were expecting a lil hero anytime during this month.

Oct- Surprisingly the dude came out on his father’s birth month which and happiness loaded at home. I got to wait for my hand to become sturdy to carry a new born and months ran by seeing him growing

Nov- Cooked and cooked like anything. I tried dishes and made everything i want to eat still there is a long list to go and complete. The month taught me walking is something easy for me.. It rained like hell and Chennai was at peak traffic and i walked all the way for 2.4 kms in half an hour to meet hushoo who got trapped for more than 3 hours in chinnamalai due to traffic jam. Poor soul came to pick me as the rain was pouring and unfortunately he got trapped. By the time i reached the place it was 12.00 in the midnight to say a very early good morning.

Dec- Challenged myself when FIL and his mother are left with us and cooking for them was really a big task for me as i need to cook full course meal. It was tiring for first few days and now i am used it.. There was a annual death ceremony of Hushoo’s peripa and we invited his wife to stay in our home so that she can attend and do the ceremonies to his husband.

I have never ever seen a lady of that kind. Every one got exhausted by the way she demands and do every work. we were literally waiting for the D-day of her start.  We planned for a Banglore trip during christmas holidays and due to last minute change we made our way to Ooty- Queen of hills. No doubt or question that this hill is named like that. I go awestruck every time i see the  mountain and roads that were laid. It is a story by itself which i will be doing shortly.


On the whole it was a roller coaster ride! hoping to see how 2016 be 🙂

Chennai Maddness

1.Even if it is raining people never feel about keeping their phones and headset in pocket.

2. Simply standing on the other person leg and objects saying that is not my foot!! bloody ******

3. We will hold the seat rim with umbrella, no matter even if it is wet and don’t care to the slightest level when the water trips on the person who is sitting.

4. All the service sector will become active only at rainy season and dig holes for repairing no matter the rain pours.

5. The roads will be laid.. just laid and shown for accounting purpose. I have hardly seen pot holes or man holes on the roads.

6. We will put nails on all the doors in the bus and one should suffocate in that dump for which we call it as deluxe bus..

7. Auto mans is so rich in this season eh!!!

8. An auto man can splash water on you and if you do the vice-versa you need to go deaf on listening his scolding.

9. That service sector which grants leave to the School!!! Arey what will the kid do when parents are working?? you can give leave to them as well na??

10. All the short roads are blocked and only the main roads are available for accessing!! oh ya.. Chennai has less population 🙂

I wish this city gets better some day!!

This guy………

………..Truly deserves a post eh!! 

He withstanding me in all ups and downs, including my tantrums and nagging! 

He stood by my side throughout the journey of fixing my broken wrist. He made himself available on all my sittings to hospital and no day he gave a chance to escape from it.

He gave me the space to grow and be social. Every time we go to hospital there will be a group of people starting from housekeeping to doctors who will stand for a minute and say a big Hi and a send warm smile on us.

I am the only patient in the whole hospital which can take my attendant as well inside the cleaning room. Even a mom of 5 year old boy, who broke his hand during his skating class was asked to wait out in-spite of the crying in need of his mom.. He even asked the doctor for her stay inside the dressing room which he flatly declined it.

When she saw hushoo and myself walking all way inside the dressing room she was all shock to see hushoo allowed inside the room 🙂 😀 😀 😀 The moment they start clean, i will make sure i press his hand to bear my pain and this guy in-spite of that pain i give crushing his hand, he put a smile on his face and stand next to me holding my hand..

He never allows me all alone and if he does he will be at least there to pick me up from the place I went. I have never felt secured in the hands of my parents but this guy surely pamper me unlike my parents.

A day he missed our doctor visit and i was happened to go all alone. The moment I stepped inside every started asking about him and few asked me couple of times that did he left me all alone to come. Soon after he came to pick me up, all the head turned and smiled warmly saying, we know you will come somehow over here to take care of her leaving my boy all smile 🙂

On the day of my K wire removal doctor wanted to send him out and the moment he removed this foreign body,he asked me to give shake hands to make sure I am fit, soon after his check is over, he started searching for hushoo inside the room 😀 without knowing he sent him out 😀 😀 😀


You did made me feel special in spite of the hard time we undergo. Even at the time of my chicken pox days you made sure, you come to see me in noon whenever you had free time in office. Though your mom had informed her many a times to sit away from me, you brush those scolding’s away and spend one good time with me.

Even at this time, you painstakingly wake up and do all chores at home and help me whenever I call you. I am not sure when the last sound sleep you ever had. Even if I switch on the washroom light you will wake up and ask everything is fine and wait till my return only then you will dose off. I don’t know what good I did in my past to get such a person for me. Feeling Lucky.

I adore you a lot and you get angry for the smallest things, I wish you change over time and we will have a lovely days ahead. And I can withstand how much ever pain come and land on me.